A Little About Me

Public service has always been a part of my life. Since graduating from the University of Kansas’s School of Law, I’ve dedicated my career to helping the community. I worked in the City of Kansas City, Missouri’s Human Relations Department. I ensured adequate representation for women and minority subcontractors on the city’s construction projects and work with developers to provide good options for these workers. For the past decade, I've specialized in Affirmative Action and Government Relations. I provide opportunities for women and minority owned businesses to get subcontracting work around Kansas City. 

I was elected twice to the Hickman Mills school board, serving for 6 years. During my tenure, we significantly increased the district's academic performance and moved our financial reserves from 3% up to 12%.

I was born in Overland Park and have lived around the area almost my entire life. My wife and I moved back to Overland Park a little more than 3 years ago and could not be happier. Our two girls will both attend Blue Valley's schools next year.

A New Vision for Overland Park

We Deserve Better

If you're like me, you’re concerned about what Overland Park is doing to move into the future. You're worried about over development and how the city is using our taxes. You want to make sure our schools remain the best in the area. 

And you are tired of being ignored by our current city council member.

Smarter Allocation of Tax $

We need to improve our streets, our infrastructure. We need to support the city workers who make Overland Park run well.

Every tax dollar frivolously given away is one that cannot be used for necessary improvements that would increase our quality of life. 

Increase Public Participation in Local Government

I want to be YOUR voice on the City Council.


I will advocate for open comment sections at the beginning and end to every Council meeting. 


If elected, I promise to hold a town hall at least once a month, so I can continue to hear your concerns directly.


Together, I know we can make a positive difference in Overland Park.

Promote Small Businesses

As a small business owner myself, I fully understand its challenges. I want to ensure that Overland Park is a place where small businesses, home businesses, and start ups all have the opportunity to succeed.


As your representative on the Council, I will work for Overland Park to provide the resources and support that allow all businesses to thrive.

Let's Work Together

We create our community together.


If you believe in transparent government that is accountable to the people, I hope you will join me.


Contact Me

Osman For OP

P.O. Box 26311

Overland Park, KS 66225


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